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R&D Returns  creates improved performance where it counts
We do this through advisory services ranging from strategy and value/risk analysis to hands-on program management of transformational efforts in BioPharma R&D.  Unlike other firms or point solutions, we have solved wide-ranging R&D problems for over thirty years.  Our focus delivers on your goals, and extend to improved R&D returns on investment, greater pipeline value and competitive advantage.

“Strategy, Transformation, and Value Realization”

What is R&D Business Architecture? Combining experience across all aspects of the R&D pipeline from a value-creation, risk-limiting perspective.   Applying “point solutions” in the R&D process is like having a plumber design and build your entire house.   Architecture brings in an awareness and mastery of the complex interplay of the clinical, CMC, discovery, commercialization processes and related expertise, as well as information and operational excellence.  This blog will address the many components of R&D that create or limit value creation, along with insights and learnings, and an open discussion of those findings.  Please contact Terry McCormick at the e-mail below if the discussion suggests we can help you with your R&D problems or marginal performance.

Impact to clients:

“Black Swan” innovations introduced:

  • Accelerating time to market
  • Enabling decentralized R&D
  • Improving attrition profiles
  • Six Sigma applied across pipeline
  • Increasing product launch throughput
  • Value-based clinical processes
  • Transformed medical image mgt. via “cloud”
  • Constraint-optimized portfolio systems
  • Advanced R&D information utility via: 
    • Unstructured information beyond text analytics
    • In-silico disease modeling strategy
    • Data federation vs. warehousing


Princeton, NJ

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  1. Nate Van Drunen says:


    The website looks great! You have made some good points to express how your approach differs from the rest.

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